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How It All Began

Our journey began with one man’s frustration over the overwhelming task of travel planning.

We all know the feeling of excitement when you have chosen your destination, only to be discouraged by the hassle of having a dozen tabs open on your computer, trying to mix and match everything together. There are so many things that need attention, the availability of your accommodation, how to get around, what to see and where to eat, to name a few.

All this led our founder and CEO to think: "This shouldn’t be this complicated!" The thought stuck with him until he decided to create a state of the art trip planner, making the whole process effortless and enjoyable, for both businesses and travellers.

And TripCreator was born.

The Team
In order to come to reality every great idea needs a team of dedicated people who have the winning combination of vision, ambition and skills to put things in motion.

The TripCreator team is just that!

With a common goal of seeing opportunity where others see challenges we are all dedicated to making travel planning easy. Passionate about our work and eager to see TripCreator blossom in markets around the world, we just have one thing to say:

Anything is possible!

Adomas Mankus

Software Developer

Aurimas Anskaitis

Software Developer

Dmitrij Abolichin

Software Developer

Gytis Ramanauskas

Head of Front development

Hannes Johnson

Product Lead & Growth Hacker

Hilmar Halldórsson

CEO - Founder

Jón Árni Bragason


Laufey Hlín Björgvinsdóttir

Customer Success Manager

Lina Burdenkova

Office Manager

María Björk Ólafsdóttir

Sales Manager

Marius Alchimavičius

Software Developer

Monika Čapaitė

Customer Success

Patryk Les

UI/UX Designer

Paulius Repšys

Software Developer

Ramūnas Aišporas

Software Developer

Rūta Susnytė

Frontend Developer

Saulius Mačiulis


Tomas Burdenkovas

Front development

Vytautas Končius

Quality Analyst

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